International Relocation and Parental Child Abduction

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The internationally mobilised family is frequently the norm. Whether it is relocating for one parent's job or relocating to be closer to one parent's family, family dynamics are increasingly taking on an international element. What happens when parents disagree where their children should continue to live? Most parents do not realise they could be entering the realm of international child abduction if they do not deal legally with the international relocation of their children.

How we can help you

Whether you need the permission of the other parent to relocate your children depends on the countries involved. What do I need to do to legally relocate my children? What if you are the parent who wishes to prevent the relocation? What preventive measures can you take? What if your children have already been removed, can you get them back? All of these scenarios need the expert and often speedy advice of an international family and child law specialist and that is where Morton Fraser comes in.

We offer expert advice to any parent requiring assistance with international relocation or international child abduction. We regularly assist clients, wherever they may be based in the world, to obtain the return of their children to their home country or defend such actions.

Services we offer:

  • Advising on how to legally relocate your children from Scotland
  • Options for preventing a parental child abduction from Scotland
  • Seeking return of abducted children under 1980 Hague Convention
  • Advising on options for child abduction from non Hague Convention countries
  • Defending actions under 1980 Hague Convention
  • Obtaining protective measures once children returned to Scotland

International Relocation And Abduction Team