Trainee recruitment process

We believe that a diverse workforce is fundamental for a successful business. There is no "Morton Fraser type" but rather we look for key attributes and a mindset that promotes the firm's values. We welcome applications from all graduates who are authentic, confident, collaborative, have good problem-solving skills, attention to detail and a passion for delivering great client service with Morton Fraser.

Our trainee recruitment process has three stages:

Stage 1: Application form

You will be asked to provide personal details, academic results and answers to questions which will give you an opportunity to tell us more about what you are looking for and more about who you are.

Competition is extremely fierce at this stage - we normally receive around 300 applications and need to shortlist to 36. Our aim is to recruit the best talent for our business so we use a scoring system to try and measure your strengths, which includes the written presentation of your answers. This means that you will have to achieve a high score in all assessment areas to progress to the next stage of our selection process. Although we are looking for strong academic results, if you experienced mitigating circumstances at any point during school or university, please provide details and we will take this into consideration.

To limit the risk of unconscious bias, we operate a blind recruitment procedure, which means those reading your application will not initially see details of your name, sex, address, school or university. We use a contextual recruitment system (RARE) to help identify high-achieving individuals who may have missed our shortlist cut-off. This tool measures those who have performed well despite social disadvantage, allowing us to better compare candidates. As part of the application form you will be asked for details such as: eligibility for free school means, if you are a refugee or the first generation of your family to go to university etc. Please complete this information accurately and be assured it will be kept confidential.

Due to the volume of applicants, we cannot provide individual feedback after this stage.

Stage 2: Group and written exercises

Those taken forward to the next stage will be invited to a small group video meeting - hosted by members of the HR team. This will involve two speaking exercises plus a written exercise. The speaking exercises are designed to get you to think on your feet and we will be assessing your overall contribution including ability to talk clearly, confidently and concisely along with your general approach and interpersonal skills.

The written exercise will be done individually and will require you use supplied documents to complete a couple of tasks then email them back within a strict time limit. With this we are testing your ability to quickly identify key issues and communicate professionally in written format.

There will also be an opportunity to ask the HR team any questions you may have about the firm, traineeship etc.

For those not shortlisted to the next stage, feedback will be given by phone.

Stage 3: Assessment centre

This has been scheduled for Saturday 29 October - 21 applicants will be invited to the Edinburgh office for either three hours in the morning or afternoon. Travel expenses will be reimbursed. If you would prefer, we can pay for your tickets to travel to the office in advance of you attending. We are conscious recruitment is a two-way process and this is a good opportunity to see our working environment, meet some of our business leaders and discuss traineeships with some of our current trainees in total confidence,

Throughout the assessment period, you will take part in two activities:

1. Short interview with two of our partners, senior lawyers or directors.

The interview will follow a set format with questions designed to reveal more about your career motivations, commercial awareness, knowledge of MF, your personal strengths etc.

2. Case study and presentation

You will have an hour to study a case and prepare a short presentation. You will then be asked to deliver your presentation (approx. 15 minutes) to two assessors then answer a few linked questions.

After the exercises you will be taken on a tour of the office with current trainees and will have an opportunity to chat informally with them. Offers and feedback will be given that evening.