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Applying to become a British national is the final step in the immigration process. It isn't compulsory to become a British national, but after living here for a number of years and making the UK your home it is an option to apply for naturalisation and then a British passport.

How we can help you 

Some people who have never lived in the UK can qualify for British nationality if they have a parent born in the UK, or if they have a parent with British nationality who lived in the UK for a period of time. Some people are already British nationals, and entitled to apply for passports, but aren't aware of this due to their complicated circumstances.

There are a number of ways someone can become British, some involve naturalising while others involve registering as a British citizen. How someone can become British will depend on their individual circumstances, and while the requirements to become a British national may seem straightforward, applications can be complicated and expensive. If an application is refused you do not get a refund of the application fees so it is important to get it right first time.

Even once an application is granted, it is necessary to make a separate application for a British passport.

Our expert immigration team deal with these applications on a regular basis and act for individuals across the world. We can give you clear advice on:

  • Whether you, or your children, have an automatic claim to British nationality or if you will need to register
  • The correct route to citizenship
  • The common mistakes made with your type of application
  • The documents needed for the application to avoid a refusal and
  • The application process you will need to follow

We offer a range of fixed fee packages for variety of different areas of work including:

  • Providing advice on how to apply
  • Preparing applications for you
  • Checking your application and reviewing your supporting documents and
  • Providing a covering letter for the application

If you would like to discuss how we can help with the application process please get in touch.